In Bury Her, highly produced portraits and directed narratives of warrior women within epic natural landscapes are created to conjure up depictions of heroism, role-play and gender fluidity. This project works at the interstices of photography and performance. Actors, martial artists, stunt and Live Action Role Play (LARP) performers are used as models. The model's cultural and ancestral backgrounds influenced the creation of the characters, while evoking mythology, folklore, and real women who were involved in anti-colonialist movements.

 Bury Her pays homage to the hidden and lost narratives of women who have defied their culture’s demands regarding gender roles and continue to do so. The artifice serves as a placeholder for the missing and unattainable details of their life stories: their struggles and victories, the steep physical, mental, and emotional costs they paid for their defiance, their personal reflections of who they were, how they lived and what it meant to them.

 Exhibitions of this work might include film, sound installation, or live performances.